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2019 Bathurst 12 Hour Preview Podcast

We previewed last year's Bathurst 12 Hour with a special podcast edition of Chequered Flag Chat and by popular demand, we're back! Join Lachlan Mansell and Dave Stillwell as they bring you a thorough, informative (and sometimes irreverent) analysis of this year's form guide.

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Chequered Flag Chat: 2018 Carrera Cup Season Review

The 2018 Porsche Wilson Security Carrera Cup was one of the most captivating seasons for the one-make Porsche category in some years. The addition of a couple of drivers with full-time Supercars experience was combined with the rise to prominence of some exciting young talents, along with a deep array of well-credentialed contestants in the [...]

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Chequered Flag Chat: Grinding out the Results

It has been the subject of many corny headlines over the years, but “Emery” could hardly be a more appropriate surname for a driver who always seems to find a way of grinding down the opposition. At Hampton Downs on the weekend, Geoff Emery won back-to-back Australian GT Championships. On its own, it’s an impressive [...]

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Chequered Flag Chat: Knocking on the Door 2018 Edition

What a difference 12 months makes. This time last year, we examined the drivers with the potential to crack a full-time drive in the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship, but predicted it would be difficult for them due to a likely shortage of available seats. However, with Jason Bright, Todd Kelly, James Moffat, Dale Wood and [...]

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Chequered Flag Chat: A One-Make Series That Works

One-make racing series for relatively affordable cars have come and gone from the Australian motor racing scene over the last few decades, with varying levels of success. In the 1980s, the Ford Laser Series had a widespread presence, and was contested by the likes of Mark Skaife and David Brabham, among others. Fast-forward to the [...]

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Chequered Flag Chat: Continuing to Defy the Status Quo

“It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.” “Don’t take no for an answer, not just means not now.” In March 2014, I was working in the admin office at Wakefield Park when an attractive girl in a race suit walked in, to sign on for a practice day. Obviously, I decided she was a [...]

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Chequered Flag Chat: Points for Further Discussion

Recently, motorsport analyst and V8 Sleuth Aaron Noonan wrote a discussion piece about Bathurst, and whether or not it should be worth double points in the Supercars Championship. Given Noonz was recently married, we can forgive him for having more important activities in his life than working out what the results of recent championships would [...]

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Chequered Flag Chat: A Different Path to Racing SuCXCess

Last year’s Toyota 86 Series was won by Jimmy Vernon, while Cameron Hill came second. Nothing too surprising there; a couple of young guns with professional career ambitions finishing at the pointy end of the field. There were plenty of other drivers who could accurately be described as young guns scattered throughout the rest of [...]

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Chequered Flag Chat: More Than Just a State Round

This weekend’s CAMS NSW Motor Racing Championship race meeting at Wakefield Park has attracted some of the best-credentialled drivers ever seen for a state-level event at the Goulburn circuit. Commentator Lachlan Mansell runs his eye over the form guide. It might be branded as a state-level event, but this weekend’s CAMS NSW Championship round at [...]

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Chequered Flag Chat: From Racing to the Real World

Market Relevance. It’s become a buzz-phrase in the motorsport industry for racing categories trying to justify making certain decisions, mainly in terms of structuring technical regulations in a way that encourages manufacturer involvement. Indeed, market relevance has long been a core component of motor racing, because manufacturers feel that if they are to derive value [...]

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