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Chequered Flag Chat: Knocking on the Door

PHOTO: Insyde Media Cracking a full-time drive in the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship is hard work at the best of times and at the moment, it’s particularly tough. Veterans of the sport like Craig Lowndes and Garth Tander are still at least a couple of seasons away from retirement, and the remaining mix of drivers [...]

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Chequered Flag Chat: Dedication

It’s 8:30pm on Saturday night at the Townsville 400. After a busy day of commentating races and running between the media centre and the support category arena chasing up news and punching out updates for clients, I’m ready to go home. The problem is, I can’t leave the track yet because the team I’m staying [...]

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Chequered Flag Chat: From Virtual Vehicles to Real Race Cars

I just crashed a Red Bull Formula 1 car. While pushing hard to try and keep up with a Mercedes, I accidentally used a bit too much kerb exiting Monaco’s swimming pool complex, and fired it into the fence. A lot of people are probably thinking the Monaco Grand Prix was held last month, and [...]

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Chequered Flag Controversy: Missed Opportunities

The Townsville Supercars street race was a missed opportunity. Since its inception in 2009, there’s no doubt the event has attracted economic benefits to the North Queensland region, and it’s a nice weekend away for those of us from southern states who enjoy escaping the cold weather in the middle of the year. It has [...]

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Chequered Flag Chat: A Diversion from Car Racing

Normally my blog posts are focused on motorsport-related issues. Not today. The Federal Budget was delivered last night and once you cut through the hyperbole and rhetoric, there were some interesting details in the policy announcements. One in particular immediately struck a nerve with me, as it's one that affects my personal bottom line: the [...]

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Chequered Flag Chat: Bathurst 6 Hour – 6 Talking Points

MAIN PHOTO: Insyde Media   Mount Panorama has delivered again: Sunday’s Hi-Tec Oils Bathurst 6 Hour was an epic, enthralling endurance race with twists and turns, drama, controversy and once again, a climactic finish. Here are six discussion points coming out of this year’s production car enduro.   1. Turning up to an endurance race [...]

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Chequered Flag Chat: What Circuit Racing Can Learn from Speedway

On the weekend I was fortunate enough to have my first experience of commentating speedway racing, thanks to Legend Cars Australia. I called the popular motorcycle-powered vehicles in action at two popular speedway venues – Simpson Speedway on Saturday night, and Premier Speedway Warrnambool on Sunday night. These venues are based in a regional area [...]

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Chequered Flag Chat: Why Gentleman Driver Success Should be Celebrated

Australian GT Championship and Formula Ford; two categories holding the first round of their national series on the weekend (GTs – Clipsal 500, Formula Ford – Sandown) , two categories with competitor bases at polar opposite ends of the spectrum (GTs – gentleman drivers with an average age of about 45, Formula Ford – aspiring [...]

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Memorable Moments of the Wakefield 300

It may not attract the household-name drivers or media attention of some larger endurance races, but ever since its inception in 2008, the Wakefield 300 has produced storylines on par with the nation’s most prestigious events. Whether it be heartbreaking retirements from commanding positions, come-from-behind victories or thrilling battles, this club-level endurance race has [...]

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Undiscovered Talent: Daniel Richert

It probably comes as no surprise that the extinct Commodore Cup category would provide a source of material for the Undiscovered Talent column, given my former involvement with the series. And indeed, there are probably several Commodore Cup drivers worthy of write-ups in these posts, but there was one in particular who took the category [...]

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